Here are a few commonly asked questions about the Midwest Photography Conference.

How did Midwest Photography Conference come to be?

Midwest Photography Conference started as an event that was part of the Northland Photography Club’s 50th Anniversary Celebration in 2019.  As of 2020, the Midwest Photography Conference is independent.

Where can I find out more about the Northland Photography Club?

For more information about the Northland Photography Club, please visit www.northlandphotographyclub.com 

What should I bring to the conference?

Bring something to take notes with! Let it be paper-&-pen or your tablet! And bring your camera for sure!

I am from out-of-town, what hotels are in Leavenworth?

For hotel information, visit our Travel & Lodging page.

Can I purchase tickets at the door the day of the conference?

Absolutely! Tickets at the door are $49.