Duane Hallock

Duane Hallock has been shooting pictures since he bought a camera in fourth grade. Through the years, his hobby has allowed him to photograph such things as presidents campaigning, volcanoes erupting, and children being born.

In college, he grew bored in photography class when too much time was spent talking about f-stops, apertures, and film speeds. As important as those are, he wasn’t as interested in the mechanics of a camera as he was in understanding how to use it as a form of artistic expression. His interest in photography waned, so for many years he just shot the obligatory events of his family’s birthdays, graduations, and reunions.

Then, about 15 years ago, a major life event revived his interest in photography. A melanoma tumor on his retina claimed the sight in one eye. After undergoing very specialized treatment, he beat the cancer. But the disease too its toll. With only half of his original eyesight, he noticed something magical began to happen. He says, “As my eyesight declined, my vision increased. I became aware of things I’d never before noticed.”

Today, Duane’s renewed interest in photography has become a practice of mindfulness. He especially enjoys discovering beauty – beauty he often finds hidden in plain sight.

In his presentation at the Midwest Photography Conference, Duane will share 1) why he shoots, 2) how he creates his pictures, and 3) what he focuses on.

Photo Website: www.duanehallockphotography.com