Molly Beale

Molly Beale, CPP, is a portrait photographer based in Smithville, MO. She photographs mainly high school seniors, but has been known to throw in an occasional family, corporate headshot, some volume sports, and real estate.

She began her love affair with the camera when her son, Thomas, was playing little league sports. . . she would rather be on the field where the action was than in the stands. From there, her love of all things photography was born. 

Molly began taking lighting classes in 2013, after she stalked who is now her lighting mentor and good friend, Nancy Garcia. After taking Nancy’s lighting class at least 4 times, Molly decided she wanted to push herself further, and in 2017 declared her candidacy to become a Certified Professional Photographer through the Professional Photographers of America. It took a year and a half to finish but she passed both components of that certification in 2019.

Molly is excited about photography, and even more excited about great lighting. There is nothing that gets her geeked more than a well-lit classic portrait, unless it would be teaching how to achieve one!

Molly lives in Smithville with her husband Randy, their son, Thomas, and dog, Chester.

To follow Molly, visit her website at or on Facebook, look for Molly Beale Photography, Certified Professional Photographer.